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Certification per ASNT SNT-TC-1A


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There is one very big difference between the ASNT and ISO certification standards; the ASNT certification is employer-based.  In summary, your employer must have an ASNT "written practice"; your employer must employ the services of a person certified to Level III; and if you begin work for another employer, you are no longer certified.

The following describes this process in greater detail:

Under the SNT-TC-1A Recommended Practice, it is the employer (or his outside agency) that provides certification for Levels I and II. If the employer has hired the services of an ASNT NDT Level III individual, it is that individual who will be assigned to administer the certification details in accordance with the employer’s written practice.  Mobius Institute has a written practice, and thus we can be contracted to deliver the training and certification under your employer's written practice.

There is overlap between the technical content and exam requirements for the ISO 18436-2 Category I, II, III, and IV courses and exams, and the ASNT Level I, II, and III courses and exams.

Please note that ASNT Level III exams may only be conducted by the ASNT.

On simple comparison of the Category I, II, III and IV descriptions in the standard, it may seem that there is not an exact one-to-one relationship between Category I and Level I, Category II and Level II and Category III and Level III.  However, we do things differently to some other training companies.

First, our courses are longer than some others.  Our Category II and III go 4.5 days, not 3 days.  Second, we have LOTS of animations and simulations which allow us to cover some topics more quickly - you see the simulation and you instantly "get it".

But the main difference is that we have found that we can go beyond the Category I, II and III agenda in our courses - therefore covering the Level I, II and III agenda.  Why do we go beyond Category I, II, or III?  Good question!

Most people take the course when they wish to be certified.  To be certified you need the required number of months of experience.  But how do you get through those months of work in order to gain the experience? 

For example, you need 6 months experience to be certified Category I.  Many people wait until they have six months experience before they take the Category I course and exam.  But now they have to work for another 12 months before they will have 18 months experience so they can take the Category II course and exam.  For those 12 months you should be analyzing spectra and doing 'real' vibration work in order to be certified as a Category II vibration analyst.  But the Category I course (per the standard) does not give you the required training.

As a result, we changed our Category I course so that attendees leave ready and equipped to face the next 12 months work. 

And when attendees leave our Category II course they are ready and equipped to face the next 18 months before they can consider being trained and certified for Category III.

And that's why Mobius Institute Category I, II and III courses match ASNT Level I, II and III course descriptions.

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